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Church of England Junior School

Music Activities


Information for Parents

There is always a lot of music going on at St Mary's. As well as weekly music lessons for each class, there are many music clubs to join. All the music ensembles perform termly in school, in the local area and beyond. Some compete in the Basingstoke Music Festival and some join other schools and adult and youth choirs, bands and orchestras to perform at local venues such as The Anvil Concert Hall in Basingstoke. In July 2015, members of the Senior Choir were invited to sing at The Royal Albert Hall in London as part of the BBC Proms in "The Ten Pieces Prom"

Current Music Clubs (all free of charge)

Junior Choir - for yr 3 and 4 (click here to go to the Junior Choir page)

Senior Choir - for yr 5 and 6 (click here to go to the Senior Choir page) 

School Orchestra - a fully symphonic orchestra of about 50 pupils (click here)

School Band - a training ensemble for orchestral instrumentalists plus opportunities for guitarists and keyboard players to play in a group (click here)

Recorder Club - descants, trebles and tenor recorders all together - all levels (click here)

Worship Group - a band of children who play for Acts of Worship and Services (click here)

Ukulele Club - a drop in group for year 5 and 6 pupils - all welcome (click here)

Wider Opportunities

In weekly music lessons, pupils learn to play, improvise, compose, sing, perform and much more. Often this is linked to other areas if the curriculum. However some units of work stand alone and offer pupils the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Instruments are provided and pupils are taught as a whole class. These are:

Yr 3 - Recorder

Yr 4 - Melodeon

Yr 5 - Ukulele

Pupils are also taught keyboard skills as well as Japanese Taiko (drumming) and Samba drumming.

Instrumental lessons

Pupils can learn most instruments at St Mary's. For £75 a term pupils can learn in a small group with an instrumental teacher. Most lessons are provided by Hampshire Music Service. Currently these instrumental lessons are available, although most have a waiting list so getting on the waiting list is advisable. Please see below for the form to complete to apply for lessons. 

Woodwind - flute, oboe, sax, clarinet and bassoon

Brass - Horn, Cornet, Trumpet, Trombone, P-Bone, Euphonium and Tuba

Strings - Violin, Viola, 'cello and double bass

Percussion - Drum kit and Xylophone

We also have private teachers in the following instruments

Acoustic Guitar/ Electric Guitar

Electronic Keyboard


CLICK HERE for more information regarding learning a Musical Instrument

 A helpful website for parents when thinking about learning a musical instrument is "Pay the Piper".