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Church of England Junior School

Online safety

For Parents

With everything that is currently going on, it is more important than ever to discuss Internet Safety as most children will spend even more time online. At the bottom of this document, there are some top tips on remote learning, child welfare, Youtube use and being kinder online 

Please stay safe!

Mr Gibbs

For parents and children

We suggest you have an open door policy with your children and make sure you constantly discuss Internet Safety with them. Think about setting up some parental controls within your house but Please note though that these will not be applied to mobile devices that run on 4G (e.g. your child's mobile phone). A quick guide to read can be found here as well from the BBC.

Here is a Junior age search engine - to have a look at using for your children rather than just google / bing / yahoo etc.

Also, please find a link to Safer Internet day that we were a part of on Tuesday 11th February 

To promote discussion and a great starting point

This area is being updated all the time at present, check back regularly for more information.
Some website with e-safety details are:


Additionally, click here for more information on a safety briefing that we had in school and click on the articles below for some more relevant information on Internet safety.

Advice on Fortnite

Rules that could be used in the home 

Parent packs, resources for at home and age guidelines packs

Gaming advice.