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Church of England Junior School

Preparation Activities

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As part of your child transitioning to junior school, we have put together some transition tasks that would be ideal for doing at home. These activities will be short, fun activities that will allow the children to practise being organised and responsible, ready for Year 3. They are also a great way of sparking conversation about starting at a new school and the new school year.

Please check this page regularly for new activities.

Can I write my first name and surname correctly?

At St Mary's, you will have a number of different workbooks to record your learning in for different subjects. E.G. Maths Book, Handwriting Book, English Writing. Because of this, you will need to write name and label your books correctly so that we know who is who! Image result for writing name  cartoon

In order to prepare yourself, we would like you to practise writing your first name and surname over the summer. Remember, to use a capital letter at the start of each!

How many times can you write your name correctly in two minutes?

Can you write your first name and surname correctly with your eyes closed?

Can I be responsible for my belongings?

One of the most exciting things about joining junior school is being able to bring your own back pack to school! However, this does mean that you need to be responsible when packing your bag and remember to bring everything you need. Everyday, you will need to bring in your reading record, reading book and water bottle and also your homework book on the day it is due in. You will not need to bring in any equipment or a pencil case as this will all be provided by your class teacher.

In order to prepare yourself for St Mary's, you may want to spend some time looking at a new school back pack and choosing one that is right for you! Remember, you will need to hook this onto your coat peg and also fit in an A4 book so you do not need to order the biggest bag.

It would then be a good idea to practise packing your bag with similar items that you have home. How long does it take you to pack your bag? What is the quickest time you can do this in?