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Church of England Junior School

Recorder Clubs


All children learn the recorder in year 3 at St Mary's. After this, they can choose to join the school recorder club. This is a voluntary lunchtime club and is free of charge.

Pupils learn descant, treble, sopranino, tenor and sometimes the bass recorder.

Pupils who have learnt the recorder at Infant School may join in year 3. 

Recorder club members need a recorder.  They will need the following instrument Aulos Descant Recorder - click here for details (you can get them from any music shop or online). School recorders can be loaned to pupils - please contact Mrs Malone if you would like to borrow a school recorder. 

Pupils in year 5 can learn the treble recorder. These are provided by school on a first come first served basis but should you wish to purchase, please buy an Aulos Treble Recorder - click here for more information. 

Beginner Book used - The Red Hot Recorder Tutor Book 1- Click here 

Treble Beginner Book used - Red Hot treble Recorder Book - Click here

There is no charge for recorder club and should your child need to borrow a school recorder, please contact Mrs Malone. 

CLICK HERE for more information on buying recorders.