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Church of England Junior School

Recorder Clubs

Music Medals 

Recorder players are all able to take Music Medals this term and will be busy working towards these informal music exams. Recorder medals come in different levels starting with Copper and moving through Bronze, Silver, Gold and finally Platinum. Children generally get to Silver in year 5 or 6 but this year we have our first Gold players. There is no pressure to do these very relaxed exams and children who choose not to do the test are given a badge and certificate from school anyway to celebrate their hard work. Those entering the test officially have their performance videoed by Mrs Malone, sent to the ABRSM Music Board and then receive a certificate and badge from the Music Board. Parents will be informed when children are ready to be entered. Click here for more info. 


General Information

All children learn the recorder in year 3 at St Mary's. After this, they can choose to join the school recorder club. This is a voluntary lunchtime club and is free of charge.

Pupils learn descant, treble, sopranino, tenor and sometimes the bass recorder.

Pupils who have learnt the recorder at Infant School may join in year 3. 

Recorder Clubs

Tuesday lunchtimes - Year 3 Recorder Club

Wednesday lunchtimes - Years 4, 5 and 6 Recorders (including treble group)


Recorders are provided but should you wish to purchase one, please buy an Aulos Descant Recorder - click here for details (you can get them from any music shop or online)


Beginner Book used - The Red Hot Recorder Tutor Book 1- Click here 

Treble Beginner Book used - Red Hot treble Recorder Book - Click here


In the Summer Term, we take part in  ABRSM Music Medals. Click here to find out more. 

Recorder Club Music

We are trying not to use so much paper as we are mindful of the planet so maybe you could download the PDF and read it from a computer or tablet. A good apple app for this is forScore and for android, try mobilesheets. If you would like a paper copy of your part, please ask Mrs Malone or one of the year 6 prefects.