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Church of England Junior School

Science Curriculum

At St Mary’s CE Junior School we continue to understand the importance of developing our pupils as Scientists and immersing the children in a creative, diverse and inclusive Science Curriculum.  We expect our Science curriculum to sustain pupils’ natural curiosity so that they are eager to learn the subject content as well as develop the necessary investigative skills; fostering a life-long interest in Science.

Following the National Curriculum, our curriculum is developed to provide a meaningful and coherent Science education based on progression and sequencing of knowledge and skills across the Key Stage. Developing pupils with secure subject knowledge, who are confident to question the world around them, explore possible answers independently and communicate their ideas effectively using specialist vocabulary.

Science is taught as blocked units across all of the Key stage.   Each unit includes a strong focus on the skills of scientific enquiry through an investigative and exploratory approach that makes learning memorable.

Science is taught as a stand-alone subject but suitable links to other topics can be made where appropriate throughout the academic year. Links to English and Maths will be made where appropriate.

A variety of learning opportunities are used to deliver our curriculum, and teachers are encouraged to make learning in Science as hands on and creative as possible whilst still making learning explicit.  Opportunities to attend off site Science activities or opportunities to participate in school based activities such as working with Specialist visitors, workshops or whole school Science events ensure we offer a broad and wide Science Curriculum.