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Church of England Junior School

Sports Premium Impact 2019-20

Sports Premium Statement – How the funding allocated for 2019-2020 was spent

Due to COVID ’19 some targets were not completed, and will be carried forward to next year’s action plan.

The Premium funding was not used towards the cost of swimming lessons. Sessions were not all completed as planned due to COVID ’19 Lockdown. The outcomes for pupils were as follows: 74% of Year 6 children could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over 25 metres, 74% could use a range of strokes effectively and 48% could perform a self-rescue.


Planned use of funding

Key actions

Actual Spending

Actual outcome

Dedicated PE team consisting of one teacher and one sports coordinator.

  • Maintain provision in school whilst exploring further use of expert coaches.
  • Increase activity at break and lunchtimes.
  • Support for teachers with curriculum PE.
  • Pinpointing children that are not meeting ARE and giving teachers support in scaffolding for these learners.



Plus school contribution

100% teacher more confident with teaching Gymnastics.


Increase in number of children, from 89% for 2018-29 to 91% for measured 2019-2020, meeting expected progress.


Survey not completed by play leaders due to COVID ’19 Lockdown.

Training for PE coordinator, and other staff as required.

  • Release for staff to attend training courses.
  • PE coordinator to mentor staff and monitor lessons.
  • Staff to observe specialist teachers in school and at other identified schools.
  • Close the gap between boys and girls achievement in indoor and outdoor Physical Education (PR2)
  • Delivery of indoor CPD by sports coordinator.
  • Release time for further monitoring and support for teachers.


Attended PE conferences, building up good knowledge of intent, implementation and impact of physical education.


Training given to staff for Gymnastics. 100% teacher more confident with teaching Gymnastics.


Participation in sports


  • Staff to attend training courses.
  • Most appropriate staff to accompany children to competitions.
  • PE team to organise intra- school competitions.
  • PE team to provide training before competitions.
  • Organise further inter class and year group competitions.
  • Further use of qualified coaches to support competition at the higher levels (Inc. staff and parents).


Also volunteers in terms of parents who are qualified coaches

Number of competitions entered: 5

Number children involved in internal competitions: 187

Number of children involved in external competitions: 47

Number of experts used: 5


Inter class competitions: 2


Number of lessons covered: 17




1st 4

2nd 5

3rd 2

Quarter Finals 4




2nd 1

3rd 2

Quarter Finals 1



Membership of Basingstoke Sports Partnership

  • Participation in range of sporting activities.
  • Training opportunities.
  • Medals, cups etc. provided.


Attended all events hosted by the partnership before Lockdown.

Provision of additional after school clubs.

  • A wider range of sporting after school clubs on offer.
  • Club membership for less socially advantaged pupils.
  • Target less active children.


In addition to use of Pupil premium funding

Number of sports clubs taken by PP children:

Autumn Term – 13

Spring Term – 11

Summer Term – no clubs due to COVID ’19 Lockdown.


Sports different sports clubs run through the year: 11.

Qualified coaches to work alongside teachers

  • Qualified coaches, from local clubs, to deliver curriculum lessons, alongside teachers, as a way of providing CPD opportunities to staff members.


Qualified coaches from local clubs used in, Hockey, Swimming and Athletics, who have then promoted their clubs to the children. Children signposted to join local sporting clubs.

Rugby coach used to prepare for Basingstoke competition.

Competition entry

  • Sports coordinator to enter local sports competitions in addition to those included in sports partnership.


See above (Participation in sport).


  • Equipment to be purchased for active break and lunchtimes.
  • Apps to be acquired to help support PE lessons.
  • Update and replace PE equipment.

£3200 plus school contributions.

Children inspired to get involved in lunchtime activities:

  • Update current play time equipment.
  • Use of play leaders and creation of more activities to play.


Inspiration for more sports:

  • Updating of gymnastics equipment
  • Trials for all children and training for competitions.
  • Specific equipment for use during training for competitions.

Questionnaire not completed due to COVID ’19 Lockdown.


OAA training

  • Outdoor leader to attend leading outdoor learning course and feed back to staff.
  • Outdoor Learning Leader to carry out team teaching with other staff of outdoor and adventurous PE sessions.
  • Investigate the effectiveness of teaching team building initiative challenges throughout the year.]
  • Cover for teachers to attend Year 6 residential for improving OAA knowledge and confidence.


Class teacher covered to be able to attend Year 6 residential. Improved enjoyment for children undertaking it.


Creation of orienteering routes for Lower School. Leading to an increase in ARE and ARE+ achievements. (100% achieving ARE, increase of 3%, and 39% achieving ARE+, increase of 6%)

Medals and certificates

  • Certificates to be provided for all competitions.
  • Medals and certificates to recognise achievement in Sports Day.
  • Certificates to recognise progress in the Daily Mile.


Certificates and other awards provided for competitions. All achievements recognised in whole school setting, for both internal and external competitions.


Sports medals not purchased for sports day, certificates produced as there was a virtual replacement due to COVID ’19 Lockdown.


Further improve the quality of the range of sports

  • External coaching to be brought in to help deliver sports.
  • Further develop goalball and sitting volleyball, with a scheme of teaching to improve quality.


(subsidised through school partnerships)

Move of cycling proficiency to Year 6 to allow further confidence.


A high level of sports taught within school.


Investment in a greater number of balls for sit volleyball and competitions for greater impact of teaching.


Children to be confident with swimming through swimming proficiency lessons.



Play leaders

  • Training of play leaders by PE coordinator/PE expert.
  • Equipment to be purchased to support the delivery of play leader activities
  • Caps and badges to be purchased for play leaders.


Play leaders providing leadership in play time games.

All children taking part in the daily mile activity. With 90% achieving a set standard for their year.

Promote sport and fitness during lockdown.

  • Creation of resources for parents
  • Building lessons and activities to be completed within school.
  • Virtual sports day, to replace in school event.
  • Sports day for children in school


  • Children participated in daily activities.
  • Daily time for each bubble to participate in sports or fitness.
  • A great number of children undertook sports day.
  • All children who was in school undertook sports day, with certificates for podium places in bubble clusters.


  • Additional lessons for year 6 who did not meet the 2 national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety.


  • Sessions were not undertaken due to COVID ’19 Lockdown.

Current projected spend

Total (Previously expected)

Actual allocation





Actual Spent: £17, 580