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Church of England Junior School

Staff: Who is who?

Current staffing at St Mary's Junior school from September 2018:

Ms Caroline Welch (DSL)

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Gemma Lillywhite (DSL)


Year 3

Miss Natalie Eckett  (Team leader)
Mr Adam Whincup
Miss Eleanor Sherlock

Year 4

Miss Donna McGregor (Team leader)

Mr Adam Gibbs

Mrs Suki Gill

Year 5

Mr Matthew Rundle (Team Leader and DSL)
Mrs Frances Pressner 
Mrs Libby Candy/ Mrs Hannah Parsons

Year 6

Mr Ed King (Team Leader)
Mr Paul Rimell

Miss Catherine Cosgrove


Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Louise Quick

Mrs Ruth Malone

Inclusion Manager
Miss Jenny Bunkle

Admin Officers

Mrs Angela Brayford (Admin Manager)
Mrs Helen Baldwin
Mrs Alison Berglin

Mrs Sarah Cooper


Mr Guy Blagbrough 

Teaching assistants

Mrs Sue Hillyard
Mrs Julie Tate
Mrs Heidi Alvarez
Mrs Tracy Buckey
Mrs Sarah Squire
Mrs Katherine White
Mrs Rebecca Bucknall

Mrs Dinah Shaw

Miss Linda Edney


Midday Supervisor
Mrs Leila Bennett
Mrs Maxine Boyes
Mrs Nicola Lawford

Mrs Michelle Thomas



Peripatetic Music Teachers

Mrs Vanessa Kershaw - Violin
Mr Alex Long- Percussion

Mr Chris Potts
Mrs Serena Ludford - Woodwind
Mrs David Lambourn - Keyboard
Mr Martin Millier - Guitar
Mr Huw Llewellyn - Brass
Mr Philip White - Cello and Double Bass

Mrs Michele Linehan-Hill - Piano