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Church of England Junior School

Virtual Senior Choir Project



The Senior Choir have worked SO HARD to get ready for the Music Festival. This project is to celebrate this and share our music with our school family. The song “In my Dream” has some beautiful words and is very apt at this time.

Instructions for making a recording

You will need

  • A device that can play MP3s and a device that can record audio (such as a mobile phone with a “MP3 Recorder” app downloaded. Alternatively you can do both of these on one device, although it is a little more fiddly.
  • Headphones
  • Audio tracks and Lyrics sheets from the school website (see below) 

What to do

  1. Ask your child if they sing the HIGH part or the LOW part. Download the Audio track and the Lyrics for that specific part (as the children sing in two parts).
  2. Play the track into your child’s headphones.
  3. On another device, record them singing along. This will be their VOICE ONLY and not the backing track. It is possible to do this on just one device if you prefer. 
  4. Although any audio file is fine,  if there is a choice then please record any of the following formats:
    1. .wav
    2. .aiff
    3. .mp3

However as long as it’s an audio recording of singing, we can sort this. So if you end up with a M4A file that is fine too. Downloading a simple MP3 recorder app on your phone is perfect and works well for me.

Children may feel a bit odd recording themselves (I certainly did when recording the audio tracks for them to sing along). Please reassure them that I already know they can sing amazingly and that the choir sounds wonderful together. However, it's all good learning for us as musicians. 

  1. Don’t worry if your child makes a small mistake and don’t worry too much about the quality of the recording – mobile phones record perfectly well these days.
  2. Parents should email the file to Mrs Malone. with the parental declaration below in the main body of the email.
  3. If your child would like, also send heart themes artwork (see below)

Copy the following into the email:

“Parental Permission for Audio Submissions

Name of Child: INSERT NAME

In sending this file/ these files I agree to the following:

My child’s audio recording will be stored, mixed and published via the school website.

My child’s artwork will be stored and used to create an audio-visual production.

I understand that my child’s full name will not be disclosed and that files of my child’s work will not use their full name.

I understand that anyone visiting the school website will be able to download the final production and can therefore share this with others.

I have parental responsibility for this child.



To make our audio production even more creative, please ask children to create a colourful and creative heart. It is hoped that the artwork will go alongside the virtual choir production. These should be in LANDSCAPE and emailed to Mrs Malone. All sorts of arty hearts are most welcome – scans, photos etc.

Children could paint, draw, collage or even do a 3D heart out of clay, dough, lego or junk modelling and send a photo of the model. All members of the school community are invited to do this whether they are in a music club or not.

A “colouring” template has been provided below.