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Church of England Junior School

Year 4 2011-2012

Our Learning Journey

In Year 4 we have 6 topics, which give us exciting opportunities to develop our learning at St Mary's.

  Autumn 1:  
 What will I uncover about Ancient Egypt? In our Ancient Egyptian topic, we learnt about the river Nile, Pyramids, Pharaohs, Mummies and much more! Some of our favourite parts of the topic was making our death masks, making our moving books, having our Egyptian day and last but not least our Egyptian play!  Maddie & Gemma
  Autumn 2:  
   How cold is it in Narnia?  
  Spring 1:  
   What is your Toy's story?  Last half term we learned about toy story it included a lot of hard work and building.
We learned about toys from the past and we wrote a play script and made it into our own version of it. We also made wooden toys in a toy workshop and made our own pull along toy in DT. Also we drew some toys that we brought in from home. We did toy story collages. We learned how to use PowerPoint action buttons and then made our PowerPoint’s into toy story ones. We enjoyed our entire toy story topic especially our wooden toy work shop.      Jay, Olivia
  Spring 2:  
   What would you see on an African Road Trip? We are discovering this topic at the moment check back soon to find out what we did.
  Summer 1:  
   Would you stay in Kensuke’s Kingdom?  We are yet to discover this part of our learning journey.
  Summer 2:  
 How green are the Olympics? We are yet to discover this part of our learning journey.