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Church of England Junior School

Year 4 Music Learning at home

Welcome to the Summer Term

This term we would normally be looking at Folk Music and learning to play the Melodean. We can't do that so we are going to start by looking into the world of FOLK MUSIC. 

Have a look at this list of activities and choose one (or more to do) 

1. Learn to play the spoons. Have a look at this video given by Jo who taught Mrs Malone to play the spoons, grab yourself a pair of spoons and have a go. CLICK HERE

Spoon Man | Svensk Hyllningsfest | Little Sweden, USA

2. Learn to dance a jig CLICK HERE 

3. Explore folk music around the world with this interactive map. CLICK HERE 

4. Learn a local Folk Song CLICK HERE

1/6/20 SOMETHING DIFFERENT - have a look at this fun Powerpoint "Keep Calm and Make Music" below

Previous Home learning before Easter

Year 4 – Japanese Pop Music Project - updated with more help

If you have access to the internet please complete this task. Click

Type the Code “9 C X U Y 5 C ” OR if you have any issues click here

Click “Join”

Follow the “sign up” instructions using an adult at home to help (and use their email address). You do not need to put your full name in.

Click “I am not a robot”

Make up a user name (with adults help) using just lowercase letters and numbers (you don’t need to put your full name here either)

Click on “Year 4 Assignments”

Click on the J Pop Activity “start assignment”

Click “teacher’s assignment”

Click “BROWSE LOOPS” and nothing else from this wonderful choice of lovely things

On the right are packs of sounds called “loop packs”. Scroll down to “J Pop Ultra”

You can drag the sounds from the folder on the assignment and listen to them.

When you are happy you can save and submit your work and Mrs Malone will be able to listen to your music. You should get a reply from Mrs Malone if you have done this (via the secure Band Lab Education interface) 


Why? To keep children safe

Non Internet based task

Make a big drum from something at home and make 2 drum sticks and practice your Taiko technique