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Church of England Junior School

Year 5

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10.7.20 - Ourselves

This will be our final pack of Year 5 home learning.  This week is about ‘Ourselves’ – a chance to reflect on Year 5 and to get ready for Year 6 ahead of you. As always, you don’t have to do this in order, you can choose how you would like to do this and if you have other ideas, this is great too.  It is 46 pages so you might like to take a look before you print it out.

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The Maths is little bit different – there is a separate pack to be found at the end of this document.  You can break down the tasks into different days, however you like.  If you prefer individual Maths tasks for each day then try the learning about “time” that we have prepared on the website here: or

as a tiny URL.  There is no answer pack this week, the only answer sheet you need is included within this pack.  Please email us with any of your learning and things you want to share with us. We would love to hear from you.

Finally, we would like to say a massive well done to each and every one of you for working so hard at home, for trying new ideas and sticking at your learning throughout this lockdown time. We have been amazed and you should feel very proud of all of your efforts. We really enjoyed seeing you all and hearing about what you have been up to during our recent circle times. We are so proud of the Year 5s you now are, ready to be Year 6s and to coming back to school in September.  Many thanks and best wishes, The Year 5 team

3.7.20 - Pirates

This week we will be all at sea! We are going to be finding out about Pirates and all things at sea.  As always, these activities are just suggestions and you may well have different and new ideas that you would like to use too - great! Make sure to send us in your learning to show us what you have been up to.

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We also are looking forward to our meet ups this week to see you all. We cannot wait to see you and enjoy some time together before the end of the school year.  

We hope you enjoy this week and have fun!  Many thanks and best wishes, The Year 5 team

29.6.20 Sports and active hobbies

Hello Year 5,

Welcome to another week! We hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine of last week and are now ready to get active around theme of sports and hobbies this week. Thank you for sending in your fabulous pictures of your Banksy inspired work and mythical creatures from recent weeks. These have been fabulous. Be sure to check out the home learning photo gallery on our website to see what people have been doing. Remember if you email anything through to us we will reply personally and can offer help or feedback on your learning.

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This week would have been our sports day week in school. So even from our homes, we can take part together and enjoy getting active and being part of our One Family together even though we are apart. There is a link to our school sports day events and even a certificate for you to download.