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Church of England Junior School

Year 6

To parents/guardians visiting this page,

We created the Year 6 packs to ensure they covered a variety of curriculum areas. The amount of learning inside each pack should fit reasonably well with the timetables that were attached to the front of each pack. If you wish to look at other areas of learning that your child is interested in, please do so. For example, we have been creating websites most recently in Year 6. Many of the children expressed a wish to continue building websites at home. Whilst this isn't in their packs, it would be something that we encourage!

Over the course of the coming days and weeks, we will slowly add information to this page which should provide support to you with learning at home. 

Please don't forget to check the English information and Maths information tabs on the right-hand side which have links to other resources we strongly recommend you use during this time. 

Away from the learning side of things, everyone in the Year 6 team would like to pass on their best wishes for the time ahead. If you require any specific support with learning, please follow the advice in the packs.

- The Year 6 team.


Update - 02/04/2020

Hello everyone,

With Easter approaching, we thought we would give you some fun activities to try. You will see that the next pack we have put together for you is a little more on the creative side; we cannot wait to see what you come up with! Feel free to get your parents to e-mail us pictures of your creations. 

Along side these activities, we have prepared some Maths worksheets for you to keep those amazing brains ticking over. The Easter pack and maths work is attached below.

Take care everyone,

- The Year 6 Team  


Update - 31/03/2020

Good morning to you all,

We hope that you are all well. A few recommendations for things to consider this week as you progress through your learning packs. If you're thinking of other things to explore as part of your learning/creative time, we have a few suggestions below.

Firstly, we hope that everyone is logging into Mathletics and having a go at the challenges on there. We have left all of the activities open to everyone so you can explore lots of different parts of mathematics. If there are areas that you're not sure about and want further support with, we would recommend you check out Maths Is Fun which we have linked to below. This resource is excellent at breaking down some of the more complex areas of maths and it often has great visual guides to support some of the more abstract concepts.    


A further resource we would recommend you have a look at is Khan Academy. Many of the resources don't require a log-in but it is free and simple to sign up to if you wish to. There are brilliant maths and science resources you can check out. Please bear in mind that the resource is an American one so when you're looking at different resources, it may say 'Grade' as opposed to 'Year'. The link is below.


Lastly, for a creative challenge, you may want to have a go at continuing with our single-point perspective artwork. We've linked to a Youtube video below which is an excellent tutorial for how to create a similar piece of work to what we were teaching in school. If you wish to share some of your creations with us teachers, please feel free to email us images of your artwork!


As always, we want you to continue reading regularly. Now, more than ever, it would be a great idea to jump into some interesting fiction to explore different worlds and different people. If you want a different selection of titles, Amazon have released a selection of stories that are free to stream on desktops, laptops, phones or tablets. The link is below. Have a browse and see what you think!


Keep safe and continue to look after yourselves. Remember, as we always say, you are Year 6 children from St. Mary's Junior School. Be the positive role model that you know you can be. Don't forget to help out at home and step up to this challenge that everyone is facing together. We know how amazing you are and we want you keep on persevering. We're thinking of you all.

- The Year 6 team



Update - 25/03/2020

We hope that this first week has gone as smoothly as it possibly can considering the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in. Now that a few days have gone by, we are hoping that the children are finding some kind of new routine that works for your own situation. If children are following the suggested timetable, that would be fantastic. However, we recognise that every home has different requirements so the Year 6 children need to fit into a schedule that fits with your life.


Over the next few weeks in school, we would have continued to look at the similarities between Old Basing and Southampton (specifically, the postcodes of RG24 7DE and SO14 1LU). You can still do this using some of the resources we would be using in school. A great website to use to make some comparisons is called StreetCheck (the link is posted below this message). Please note with StreetCheck that there is a tab focused on looking at crime. We at school would not look at this section whatsoever so please do bear this in mind when learning from home. What comparisons can you make between the two postcodes? Have a think about types of houses, the age of the population and the types of jobs the people that live in these areas have. What conclusions can we draw from these comparisons? Use Google's street view to have a look around, too! Note: we do not stereotype or pass judgement about areas based on statistics in Year 6 so please consider this when using this resource.


Also, we would have been thinking about creating aid boxes to support areas hit by natural disasters. We had started thinking about food that would be good to stockpile. This is, of course, a major issue that is currently affecting our country. Please have conversations with your children about why, for example, it is difficult to get your hands on pasta at the moment. Please encourage your children to be as involved as possible with food preparation and resourcing at the moment. What meals could they make which will last a long period of time? How can they make their food as exciting as possible?

Geography links:


Music Activities to do at home - click here

As always, we continue to think of all of the children in Year 6 and their families. We wish you all the best and hope that everyone is well. Stay safe and look after yourselves.

- The Year 6 team.