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Church of England Junior School

Year 6 Music Learning at home

Music home learning for the Summer Term

Try and do one of these activities every week. You can choose the one you like the sound of and stick with that or move onto different activities. They have all been chosen to help prepare you for Secondary School music lessons. Click on the activity you like the sound of. 

1. Take a lesson on vocal, keyboard, guitar, drums of ukulele Little Kids Rock -

2. Learn to play a song 

3. Learn to play the drums without drums!

4. Learn to beatboxIncredibox

5. Create a beatbox groove 

6. Learn about different drum beats 

7. Create your own band on BandLab (Education) 

Click on this link

Use the Code d f y n 0 j t 

(0 is a zero)

All information about BandLab Educational can be found below in the previous task

8. Play with the Monkey and make up Drum Beats 

9. Experiment with keyboard chords using this online music app

10 Play around with how guitars work. 

Previous Music home learning

Year 6 Scratch Music and the Orchestra Project - updated with more help

Remind yourself of the music we have listened to by clicking on this

Ten Pieces - CLICK HERE

I would like you to use Band Lab to create a piece of music that has Orchestral sounds and also Scratch and Cut Vinyl Sounds just like Gabriel did in his music. You need to use the Education BandLab site and not the one you may already have at home. Click

Type the Code “D F Y N 0 J T“ (0 is a ZERO)  or alternatively click here 

Click “Join”

Follow the “sign up” instructions using an adult at home to help (and use their email address). You do not need to put your full name in.

Click “I am not a robot”

Make up a user name (with adults help) using just lowercase letters and numbers (you don’t need to put your full name here either)

Click on “Year 6 Assignments”

Click on Scratch Orch Task “start assignment”

Click “teacher’s assignment”

Click “BROWSE LOOPS” and nothing else from this wonderful choice of lovely things

On the right are packs of sounds called “loop packs”.

You need to use both of these packs “Scratch n Cut Vinyl” and “Heroic Orchestra” so choose one to start with.

Drag and drop loops you like (like we did in class) and when happy click “reset” loops and find the pack you have not used (Either “Scratch n Cut Vinyl” and “Heroic Orchestra”)

If you find another pack you like that also uses this style then use that instead. Remember composers are not fans of rules!

When you are happy you can save and submit your work and Mrs Malone will be able to listen to your music. You should get a reply from Mrs Malone if you have done this (via the secure Band Lab Education interface) 


Why? To keep children safe

Non Internet based task – find a poem that you like and use things you have at home to create sound effects to go with it. Perform it to and with someone else in the house if you can.

Top Tips using BAND LAB

You can move loops around until you are happy.

Putting lots of loops together sounds great not just one at a time (that means on different line and on top of them)

Try and align the loops in groups of 4 (there are 4 beats in a bar)

You can increase the loop by clicking and dragging it.

Don't forget to SUBMIT your work to Mrs Malone - if you use a PARENT'S EMAIL ADDRESS to create your account, you will receive a comment via your parent about your music. *KEEP SAFE ONLINE!* 

Have fun!